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Eli & JoseCosta Rican cloud forest

Took a very bumpy, jam packed bus ride through the winding mountainous roads of Costa Rica to find ourselves in an adorably quaint cottage located in the upper altitude cloud forrest- perched in the middle of a blackberry farm. If I don’t have your attention yet perhaps the mention of towering Eucalyptus trees, or the adorable wild succulents that crossed our paths will draw you in.  Meet Elizabeth & Jose Pablo, the couple I had the privilege of sharing this camping trip with. Whether it is the rainy evening lit kisses, the mountainside sunrise cuddles, or the two of them perched up next to the “mother tree” (the oldest tree in Costa Rica) I am positive you will be able to feel and share in the true intimacy these two lovers portray.


Bouquet made completely of foraged nature from around the cottage we camped out at, made by my friend Mason Neufeld – can you believe that?!