Hey, I'm Claire

A documentary style photographer based in Canada. Creating nostalgic,
romantic imagery
that makes you feel something.

no. 1


Why don't you grab yourself a cup of coffee and we can get to know each other—

I met my darling husband Kyle on a blind date, we both fell head over heals "pinch me" in love. 1 year later we were married. Fast forward a few years to today and you will find us raising our sweet littles Honey & River in our humble prairie abode with nearly double square footage of garden then there is house. That is how we like it. Our days explode with wildflowers, honeybees, laughter, and dirt. (loooootsss of dirt). I always start my day with a cup of coffee (with cream of course) and usually morning snuggles and cartoons with Honey and River on the couch. We are on the road A LOT. We choose to say yes to mostly every adventure life gives us, because life is short and precious, and meant to be lived. While I am all for those extravagant "mountain top" moments, I see the value in the simpleness of the valley. While those big moments in our lives are the ones that take our breath away, our days are majority lived in the mundane. Rather than chasing one big thing after another I chose to see the mundane as glorious. I tend to romanticize life, seeing each moment through rose coloured glasses as they say. I think that is why I am so drawn to photographing it. There is beauty on the summit, there is beauty in the climb-- and I believe it is all worth documenting.

my life & artistic Process

A few snippets

No. 2

A Look Inside
Our Life—

this is us
Claire, kyle, Honey & River.

our apple blossoms in spring

This guy who still gives me butterflies

My art is an overflow of the love I have for my family & friends

Our garden

no. 3

Time To Make Memories

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