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unique weddings & family stories 

I'm Claire, I think we will be goooood friends.

Evenings in the garden, being embraced, mountain air, that newborn smell, walks with a friend, hot coffee with cream, golden fields, sun soaked shoulders and cold summer dips, cozy eves with buttery popcorn, flowers, waking with the sun on a camping trip, my child asleep on my chest, cooking with a glass of wine, hikes with the family, stories before bed-- these are a few of my favourite things

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with a spoken word

you were

made       to      create

Beautiful things

light was  created

Look to     the


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Vancouver island
San Diego

"Claire has a magical way of making you even more excited for your wedding than you already were. She somehow figured out what was important to us and captured it. We loved the laughing pictures of friends and family, sweet moments with our parents and grandparents, the natural fun that we really were having!
I always hear that you are going to get tired from smiling, not the case! It felt so natural and unforced the whole wedding day! We have so many amazing memories captured because of Claire. It was our favorite day that we’d love to keeping repeating over and over again, and without a doubt we’d have Claire there to shoot it all! 

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I call it an investment not to be fluffy or pretentious but because it is worth it. 
Fleeting moments, frozen in time. 

Like the smell of fresh lilacs in spring. 



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Time To Make Memories

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